Celebrating It’s First Anniversary, bBIG Live is Forever Changing the Way High School Sports are Viewed

CORONADO, Calif. (Feb 24, 2022)  As bBIG Live celebrates its first anniversary, the company is delighted to see how its professional live streaming broadcast technology is making high school sports and events accessible to more fans, alumni, families, and friends – forever changing the way high school sports are viewed.

After more than a decade of providing live Massachusetts high school hockey coverage, as well as New England prep school and college club hockey under its My Hockey Live wing, bBIG Communications launched bBIG Live last year to provide similar access to other sports and events in the midst of the pandemic when sports and activities were beginning to reopen. In most cases, attendance was either very limited or not allowed at all.

Since its inception last year, bBIG Live and My Hockey Live have combined to cover over 300 high school events, providing coverage for more than 200,000 people, with an average of more than 700 viewers per live event. Those numbers include more than 26 football games that were broadcast last spring and this past fall, accounting for nearly 23,000 views in that sport alone.

bBIG Live, which also provides professional play-by-play announcers, has allowed family members, who couldn’t or weren’t allowed to attend, an opportunity to watch everything from football, baseball, and soccer events to high school ski events, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, and even school plays and concerts, as well as graduation ceremonies.

“We’re thrilled with how far bBIG Live has come over the past year, and how much schools across the state have accepted and requested even more coverage,” said Mark Igo, chief operating officer at bBIG Communications. “We had the expertise broadcasting high school hockey, and we’re delighted we were able to help families with players in other sports and activities watch games and events they may not have been able to otherwise watch during the pandemic. As we look ahead, we’re excited to enter into more partnerships and further grow bBIG Live into the ‘go-to’ high school and prep school streaming sports and event network.”

Some schools are even using bBIG Live to launch their own high school sports networks, giving them the flexibility to control their broadcast schedule and generate additional revenue through sponsorships.

“This partnership with bBIG Live puts us in the forefront of providing something new and unique for our students, families, and alumni, as well as for those who may be thinking of becoming a Pioneer in the future,” said Michael Mead, athletic director at St. John’s High School, which teamed with bBIG Live to launch Pioneer TV in late 2021. The school now has its own dedicated network so it can easily offer professional streaming services for a wide range of school events. 

The school’s new Pioneer TV Network is accessible directly from its primary web page, making it easy for parents, fans, and alumni to tune in to school events.

Schools, teams, programs, or booster organizations that are interested in scheduling games or events may do so by contacting Mark Igo at migo@bbigcommunications.com as soon as possible. 

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