Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a powerful business tool to acquire, engage and retain customers. However, it is competitive, and brands consistently compete for inbox space and attention. Connecting and nurturing relationships with your audience will lead to devoted, repeat customers. We’ve rounded up some helpful tips to transcend your competition:

Establish a Clear Message

Focus your content on a distinct and concise message with the most relevant information at the top. Identify your main points, break your content into easy-to-understand sections and simplify as much as possible. On average, users spend 10-15 seconds looking at a marketing email and prioritizing your content is key.

If you are sending multiple messages, consider sending multiple emails for each core point.

Create Hyper-Personalized Emails

71% of subscribers are influenced to engage with an email based on the level of personalization. Marketers are tasked to go beyond simply addressing customers by name and craft messages even more directly and strategically. Examples of personalization include, tailoring offers based on the customers patterns and behavior, providing recommendations from previously purchased products and creating monthly or yearly usage reports.

Encourage Interaction

Make your content clickable and motivate users to act with explicit CTAs (call to actions) for readers to learn more. Allow your CTA a prominent spot in your email to drive attention to the highlighted link. Use active language, (i.e., Sign Up, Enter Here, Buy Now) and provide sub-copy for context if needed.

Engage with your customers, encourage replies and don’t forget to write back! Interactions are key in forging long standing customer relationships.

Let Us Help

With a database of over 230 million opt-in records that span 150+ geographic and demographic profile selections, bBIG Communications offers strategic and all-inclusive services to increase brand visibility in real time among your core audience and entice customers with highly targeted messaging.

If you are interested in our email marketing programs or would like additional information on our other custom services, please contact Dave Gibson at

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