bBIG Communications Enhances Digital Engagement with, Vidyard Videos, and a New Finance Category

June 27th, 2024 | bBIG Communications is excited to announce several innovative updates to its digital platforms designed to enhance user engagement and experience. These updates include the integration of on social media, Vidyard videos that offer a distraction-free environment for website and email campaigns, and a new Finance Category on its community websites. These features will also be implemented across its military market communities. on Social Media
Integrating streamlines the user journey from Instagram to its website, enabling followers to access specific content, products, or articles effortlessly. This feature boosts traffic and engagement, offering a seamless social media experience.

Vidyard Videos to Hold Audience Attention
Captivate your audience without distractions. Unlike other sites, Vidyard’s clean interface keeps viewers focused solely on your message. No more competing ads or suggested videos pulling attention away from your carefully crafted content. Vidyard creates a distraction-free zone, maximizing engagement and ensuring your video is in the spotlight.

New Finance Category for Exclusive Deals
The new Finance Category for the military community &, showcases exclusive finance deals from partner brands. This feature aims to offer customers valuable discounts, promotions, and special financing options, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and adding value.

Partner with bBIG Communications to leverage these new digital capabilities and reach your target audience more effectively. For more information, schedule a free consultation with our experts today.

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