Case Study – My Hockey Live


My Hockey Live – Reach Millions of Passionate Hockey Fans!

"Building a digital and social hockey community for high school players, fans and families"


  • My Hockey Live is the premiere digital, social, and mobile media network designed exclusively for hockey families, fans players, and coaches
  • MHL reaches 700,000+ high school, prep school, and college club hockey fans in New England
  • We provide digital access to LIVEand on-demand hockey games from any smartphone, laptop, tablet, and big screen TV
  • Our website and social media sites are the #1 destination for the latest hockey news, rosters, scores, stats and more!
  • We encourage community influence & active engagement via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook


  • Audience: 79% male
  • Age: 74% of members are 45+ years old
  • Social Media: 64% male
  • Mobile Engagement: 62% engagement
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