Is Your Brand In Need Of A Re-Fresh?

One of the things that sets us apart is our ability to update a brand without losing its DNA. In some cases, it could just be a new paint job but in other cases, we can take a deeper look and strip away what isn’t working and build a brand-new foundation around the qualities that made your brand great in the first place.

That’s what we recently did with a fledgling start-up coffee company that had a great concept, but a brand identity that just wasn’t resonating with its target audience.

When we met ‘No Sculls Coffee,’ which carried the slogan ‘Embrace the Suck,’ we weren’t quite sure what to make of the brand but there was an element we loved. The brand had a commitment to give away a bag of coffee to a first responder or member of the military for every 10 bags of coffee it sold. That spoke to us!

Working with the existing management team we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. First – we knew we needed a new name. 

We had a lot of great ideas but many had to be tossed out because of existing trademarks issues. We eventually settled on a name that helped convey the brand values and prepared to launch the new “We Can Coffee Company.” Next up was the tag line. “Embrace The Suck” was updated to become “Embrace Our Hero’s.”

From there, we built out a new logo and website that conveyed the positive aspects of the brand and worked with back-end suppliers to help tighten up our supply chain. 

So, we’re ready to launch? Not yet.  Before hitting the prepare to launch button we also needed a new corporate strategy to generate wholesale sales, a social media teaser campaign and we needed to refine the brands DTC strategy and find new ways to get consumers into the top of the funnel with a new digital strategy.

Here are our results. After six months re-doing the brand marketing, messaging and website we launched a new site and have seen site traffic increase by over 750 percent since relaunch with a corresponding 109 percent sales increase with new customers discovering We Can Coffee every week as we continue to build a new and loyal customer base.

To see our full rebrand, visit us at We Can Coffee.


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