The 5 Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Continued Rise of Short-form Video Content 

With the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, you can expect to see even more short-form videos taking social media by storm in 2022. Brands know that in order to capture the attention of their audience, they have a very small window of time to do so before people scroll to the next post. 

Nano and Micro-influencers for Sponsored Partnerships

Less and less are brands wanting to partner with a huge name on social media to promote their brands. Authenticity is key and brands are more likely to capture that by partnering with influencers with a smaller (but highly engaged) following. 

Innovative Branded AR Filters on Snapchat

Numerous big name companies and brands have created Snapchat filters with AR capabilities to capture the attention of younger demographics. Brands have used the AR feature to allow users to see what apparel would look like on themselves and then directly purchase from the Lens through a “Shop Now” button. You will see more brands jumping on this trend in 2022 and getting more and more creative with AR.

Online Shopping with Advanced Social Support

During COVID, shopping online became more prevalent than ever. Brick and mortar shops started to transition to e-commerce. Many companies focused on their shipping game to compete with giants like Amazon. On Instagram, they released “Instagram Shopping” where small and large companies are monetizing their Instagram Feed.

Diversity and Inclusion through Brand Representation

With enhanced awareness surrounding social justice and racial justice issues on social media, there has been a great emphasis on diversity and inclusion as it pertains to brands. Brands no longer shy away from politics and social issues, but instead they share what they believe in for everyone to see. Brands are also much more aware of diversifying the models they cast instead of sticking to only one age, size, gender, or ethnicity.

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