bBIG Communications Leads Successful Member Growth Campaign

bBIG Communications is pleased to announce the completion of a successful member growth campaign in partnership with PayByCar, Inc. From July through early September 2022, patrons were eligible to receive 30 cents off a gallon of gas at select Alltown stations. Tasked with the goal of driving membership, fuel sales and active users, bBIG Communications exceeded each category by over 150%. 

A vehicle payment innovator, PayByCar, eliminates payment hassles and security risks and makes paying on-the-go easy, safe and more rewarding.  With a blended mixture of traditional and digital marketing tactics, the campaign reached above the targeted goal by 150% in new members, 180% in gallons fueled and 188% in active users.

“The bBIG Communications team is a vital part of PayByCar’s marketing and media strategies, bringing their ALL CHANNELS ON® experience to our branding and promotional success” said Kevin Condon, Founder and CEO of PayByCar, Inc. “They excel at helping us with both our strategy and our tactics.”

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