Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

Visual content is highly engaging and typically more memorable than text based content.  Creating clean aesthetics and quality graphics is a great way to build your audience and get out your top-line message. If you’re looking to improve your design strategy and need a place to start, we’ve rounded up some tips to keep your designs on track.

Establish the Purpose

It’s important for your design to align with your overall campaign message or project goals. Before beginning the creative, outline the key objectives to help you focus the design on the main communications points.

Keep It Simple

First impressions are crucial for campaign success, and typically those imprints are made in less than a second. By keeping your design simple, from your logo to overall graphics, consumers can take away the most important information quickly.

Balance White Space & Color

Less is often more! A less cluttered design allows for the consumer to navigate and digest the content easily. Adding plenty of white space around your content allows your audience to focus on the main message. To help your call to action’s stand out, make them a bold color to guide the consumer to action.

Implement a Style Guide & Maintain Consistency 

If you don’t have one already, create a style guide to communicate what font, colors, spacing and other design elements to use throughout your content. Consistency is the key.  This will allow your consumer to easily recognize your brand from campaign to campaign and across varying platforms (social, email, print, digital, etc.).
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