Reach your TARGET AUDIENCE on the go with Mobile Advertising!

Mobile advertising consists of the creation of ads for mobile devices. Your potential customers rely more and more each day on their mobile devices to fulfill any task at hand. Companies who choose to place their ads on mobile are one step closer to their customers.

Mobile advertising works very differently from traditional advertisements that run on the radio, TV, or in newspapers. Mobile advertising allows marketers to customize the format, content, and targeting of those ads to reach a very specific audience. Content can even be customized to reflect the target audience’s browsing preferences and buying habits. Advertisers can also tailor their ads to reflect different contexts, such as when the target audience is on-site or at home, which can further increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

What Formats of Mobile Advertising Are There?

Mobile Web Ads

The main difference between these and the traditional desktop format is that mobile ads are optimized for smartphone and tablet screens. There are many benefits to using mobile web ads, including high reach, high engagement with precise targeting capabilities, ability to track and measure results making it a cost-effective format.

In-app Ads

These ads are displayed directly in an app’s interface. This is one of the core advertising channels for marketers since the majority of today’s smartphone users spend a great deal of their time browsing apps. These ads usually pause an app’s activity with visuals that occupy the full screen.

Native Ads

These ads are designed to blend in with the surrounding content, so they appear as if they are a part of the organic content on the platform. This makes them less intrusive than traditional banner ads, and can lead to higher engagement rates, better brand awareness, increase website traffic and improve lead generation.  

Interstitial Ads

These are full-screen and interactive ads that cover the app’s interface and can be highly effective at capturing the user’s attention. They pop up during pauses in the app’s activity, for example after finishing a video or completing a game of solitaire and Candy Crush. It’s important to use Interstitial ads sparingly as they can be disruptive to the user experience.

Video Ads

Video ads are currently one of the most widely used mobile advertising formats. The trend in the last year has seen a consistent shift towards more video content, as the video ad format is highly engaging making it one of the more effective formats.

Playable Ads

These are highly engaging interactive ads. These ads allow users to test an app before downloading. They’re often game demos with only the app’s essentials so that users can click on them to continue the gameplay experience. 

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