Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation tools can do wonders in terms of targeting and segmentation. These are two areas that are important to digital marketing and media strategies today. Automation tools can help you streamline different types of activations and string them together in specific orders to improve workflow and organization.

Here’s an overview of the key benefits that even the simplest and most inexpensive automation tools can offer.

  • Email marketing: You’ll be using your email not only for outreach, but also to improve engagement with your products or services and to distribute messaging about important events.
  • Leads: Automation tools help cultivate and nurture prospects and segment your audiences for greater personalization.
  • Social media: Automation tools can ensure consistency across platforms, by building brand awareness and consistency.
  • Content creation: AI and machine learning-powered automation tools can help respond to consumer queries and automatically generate compelling marketing content based on style, tone, and subject matter. Tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are used widely to create marketing content including blog posts, articles, video scripts, and creative briefs.
  • Key Performance indicators: Track the success of your marketing campaigns with the most relevant and meaningful KPI metrics.

Marketing automation tools you should know

  • HighLevel: HighLevel allows users to capture sales leads, conduct online surveys, create sales funnels, build follow-up campaigns, and manage email marketing processes. A platform that helps process payments, develop landing pages, schedule social media content, book appointments and more. It integrates with third-party platforms such as Google Ads, Zoom, Stripe, QuickBooks, Outlook, Zapier, and Facebook Messenger. 
  • HubSpot: Consistently rated one of the most user-friendly automation platforms. Hubspot can do a little bit of everything, and it has a strong focus on inbound marketing. Hubspot has features for content curation, search engine optimization, email automation, social media, attribution reporting, Salesforce integration, and analytics.
  • Get Response: A platform that used to be focused on email marketing but now has a more integrated automation setup. You can organize workflows via a drag and drop menu that’s based on conditions, actions, and filters. The workflows system responds to subscribers’ unique needs so segmentation is smooth and simple. You can add filters to subscriber lists to help with segmenting. It’s compatible with e-commerce sales, and it also comes with a landing page builder and webinar tools.
  • Gives you everything you need to customize, target, and test messages based on how people are interacting with your business. integrates smoothly with several mobile interfaces, offers data in real time, and gives you a high level of interactivity with audiences. 
  • MailChimp: One of the most well-known and affordable options out there. MailChimp has perfected its email strategy, thus being its core strength. They now have a full suite of automation tools that work smoothly and integrate well with other platforms. The free option includes newsletter templates, analytics, built-in signup forms and more.

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