Award Winning Virtual Marketing Company Offers Free Consultations to Help Other Company’s Adapt to Work From Home Strategy

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CORONADO, CA. (April 13, 2020) – With most of the American workforce now working from home offices, many companies are discovering there are actually a range of benefits spanning from increased productivity to quality of life improvements that result from spending more time with family.

Operating as an award-winning communications company for more than a decade, bBIG Communications would like to share some of its learnings over the past 10 years with free consultations to company’s who may be struggling as they adapt to this new reality.

“In 2010, bBIG Communications set out to be a 100% remote company, focused on finding the best talent no matter where they lived,” said David Gibson, CEO of bBIG Communications. “We offer our employees the flexibility to work from home, while still providing exemplary agency services to our clients,” said Gibson.

According to a number of recent studies, there is a wide range of benefits enjoyed by companies who embrace the work from home way of doing business, including: 

  • Increased Productivity – A recent study by Stanford University found an impressive increase in work productivity among those who work from home. 
  • Employee Retention – The same Stanford University Study also found that those who work remotely are less likely to leave for other employment. 
  • Improved Mental And Physical Health – According to the American Psychological Association employees who have control over their work are able to reduce stress and enhance motivation and growth.

“The learnings we’ve found revolve around being able to work around our valued employees’ schedules – not the other way around which is the norm at most companies,” said Gibson. 

What bBIG found is that once the proper operating structure and guidelines are in place, the benefits of a work from home, or virtual model, far outweigh any concerns.

“The reality is that people have daily needs they need to attend to – from being able to tend to children to wanting to attend a certain class at their gym. The ability to allow our team to work around their own personal schedule has not only resulted in an increase in productivity, it’s also enabled us to attract a more talented workforce,” said Gibson.

If your business could use some extra support, please give us a call, send us an email or schedule a free consultation here. Let us help get your business back on track amidst these challenging times. 

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