Full Clean Introduces All-Natural Full Clean Hand Sanitizer Proven to Kill 99.9 Percent of Germs in Just 15 Seconds

CORONADO, CA (April 28, 2022) – Based on the growing demand for all-natural hand sanitizers, bBIG Communications Inc., which markets products to audiences spanning from the military to the sports world, has launched Full Clean Soothing Hand Sanitizer.

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Full Clean is made with natural aloe vera and contains 65 percent pure ethyl alcohol, which kills 99.9 percent of germs in less than 15 seconds without drying out your hands. Its use of all-natural aloe vera helps soothe and moisturize hands after every application.

Full Clean hand sanitizer is fragrance free and is not tested on animals. All of the aloe vera plants used to make Full Clean are grown on Full Clean’s farm to ensure purity and the highest standards. Unlike other hand sanitizers, Full Clean extracts the natural crystals inside the leaves, which become part of the brand’s proprietary formula.

“Illness-causing germs can be on surfaces that we use and touch every day, and being on the go sometimes makes it difficult to wash hands with soap and water,” said David Gibson, president and CEO of bBIG Communications. “You can still make your health a priority and live a busy life with the convenience that a sanitizer like Full Clean delivers.”

The brand, which recently launched on its own Amazon store, is also marketed across a range of military websites, including the MyMilitarySavings.com network, as well as high school sports audiences, including bBIG Live and MyHockeyLive, which are properties owned and operated by bBIG Communications.

Full Clean is sold in a number of different size options, including an economical four-pack of 6.76-ounce bottles, a 12-pack of 2-ounce bottles and a four-pack of family-sized 33.8-ounce bottles. Full Clean hand sanitizers can be purchased here.


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