Shopper Marketing Trends & Brand Visibility

In-store foot traffic has continued to increase since the height of the pandemic and marketers are tasked with the challenge of reaching consumers directly to drive the path to purchase. While there are many ways to engage the consumer digitally the numbers show that on shelf is where you can convert them! Here are a few trends to look out for:

Engaging Consumers Throughout the Shopping Journey

Now more than ever, consumers crave authentic, targeted content from brands. According to a Stackla report, 72% of respondents state they are more likely to purchase from a brand that consistently delivers a more personalized experience.  This means it is imperative for brands to be actively enhancing the customer journey and speaking to the core values of the targeted consumer base beginning from the buyer’s awareness of the product all the way to the point of purchase.

Connecting more personally to the key audience ultimately drives sales and brand loyalty.

The Power of In-Store Signage & Promotions

As shoppers browse the shelves for the next product to check off their shopping list, what makes them choose one brand over the other? It is reported that 62% of in-store purchases are made on impulsive at the shelf. Buyers enter the store with a generic list, “paper towels, toothpaste, etc.” and quite often, do not have their purchases set in stone upon entering the store.

Consumers seek eye-catching on-shelf coupons and danglers, larger curated product demos and displays, or discounts and promotions to incentivize purchase.

Optimizing in-store display encourages buyers to take notice and ultimately purchase a brand/product over the competition.

How We Help

bBIG Communications designs and manages an award-winning array of marketing and media platforms and sales tools that are integrated into stores worldwide. We provide custom, data-driven solutions to engage your brand’s target audience and achieve performance objectives.

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